Your feedback so far

Consultation results
In May and June this year we held our first phase of public consultation. Through our online survey, public webinars and numerous meetings with local residents and groups, we received very useful feedback which we have been carefully considering.

Over 200 people completed our first online survey, mostly local residents

Over 1,800 different people visited our consultation website

Over 8,000 newsletters sent out to local residents and businesses

12 meetings with local groups and public webinars held

Over 87,000 people reached through our social media adverts

“The area is currently missing a mixed offer of commercial and leisure uses for its residents and visitors.”

“The development needs to provide anything that means we don’t need to get on the tube and leave the area.”

While people living and working in North Acton appreciate its proximity to Central London and great transport connections, you also felt that a wide range of new uses is needed in order to spend time locally and enjoy the area.

Our proposals therefore include a wide mix of uses – in addition to homes (both for rent and for sale) we wish to provide workspace for at least 1,200 new jobs, which would benefit from Imperial’s strong business networks in West London; studios for artists and artisans; a hotel; shops to meet local needs and a range of community uses (see below).

“North Acton needs more shops, cafes, and restaurants.”

“The area needs more activity, both during the day and night-time.”

70% of respondents to the first survey thought the area is missing shops and markets, with a focus on grocery shopping, and 77% felt the area needs cafes and restaurants. 97% would like to see a weekend market at One Portal Way.

This feedback was hugely helpful and as a result we will be including in our proposal a large supermarket like an Aldi or Lidl, small shops to cater to local needs (such as a flower shop), several cafes and restaurants, a bar, and a weekend market.

“Not everyone needs a cafe or an artisan restaurant but obviously welcome a surgery.”

We received lots of very useful and detailed feedback on the types of services that the area is lacking.

As a result we have started discussions with the NHS and allocated a large space in the scheme for a health centre. We will also be providing a space for a creche with dedicated play area, and a co-working space which will be open to the local community.

“Better safety and security is needed in the area.”

We understand that a large number of local residents do not currently feel safe in the area, especially during the evening and night time.

Our proposals will address this issue through the introduction of well-lit and managed public spaces, as well as greater ground floor activation and footfall in the area, which would serve to deter elements of antisocial behaviour by providing ‘eyes on the street’. We are also proposing traffic calming measures and much safer road crossings.

“Real open space is desperately lacking in the area.”

“We need a large green space with trees and places to sit and relax.”

We welcome the enthusiasm from the 85% of respondents to the survey which endorsed our proposals to create a new ‘green heart’ for North Acton at One Portal Way. This will consist of a new public garden at the centre of the site, which will be richly landscaped and include plenty of large trees, flowers, lawns, childrens’ play area and places to sit and relax. We are also considering including a water feature and a community vegetable garden.